Frequently Asked Questions on Nawegetam.com

Do you have offices nationwide?

For now we have presence in Benue, Abuja and Kogi state. However plans are on ground to have offices in at least the 6 Geo political zones of the federation.

Do you offer free shipping?

For now, we do not. You have to pay for shipping on every item you purchase.

Do you offer pay on delivery?

we do not offer pay on delivery for now but in the future once the infrastructure is in place we will set it up.

How can i become a seller on Nawegetam.com?

Becoming a seller on Nawegetam.com is very easy. Get in touch with our support team and you will be given the full details. Note that you need to have a registered business.

How do i shop on Nawegetam.com?

Shopping on nawegetam is very easy. Go to the product category, and then to the brand or type of product you want to purchase. Select the quantity; add the item to cart and then click on the checkout button. It then takes you to the page where you enter your credit/debit card information. You will be shown the total cost of the items you want to purchase plus the cost of shipping that item to your location. If you are satisfied, click on the Pay Now button. Once payment is successful, your order will be processed and your item will then be shipped to you. Note that if you are visiting our platform for the first time, you will have to create a user account first before you can make payment for the product you want to purchase.

How long does it take to have my items shipped to me?

From the time you purchase, it will take about 3 -7days to have your items delivered to you depending on your location and the category of item purchased.

What if I am not satisfied with the item purchased?

If you are not satisfied with the item you purchased either because it didn’t match with the picture you saw on our website or the item was defective. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee. however certain terms and conditions apply.

What if I am unable to make payment using my debit/credit card?

If you have difficulty making payment using your debit card, please contact our support team to help you resolve such issues. However If the payment still isn’t successful, you may have to make a direct bank deposit into our corporate bank account.

What is Nawegetam.com?

nawegetam.com is the world’s largest online mall exclusively for the sale of made in Nigeria goods and services.

what is your mission?

Our mission is to promote made in Nigeria goods and services and our vision is to make Nigeria a self-sufficient nation where we use/consume what we produce and still have enough to export to other nations of the world.

What items can i purchase from nawegetam.com?

We sell items ranging from fashion items, electronics, books; kitchen utensils etc. as long as they are made in Nigeria and are not contraband items.